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Skilled Fleet Services in Troy, Michigan 

Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services in Troy, MI | Automotive Authority - fleetservice2Whether you provide logistics to other businesses or maintain a fleet for your own use, quality mechanical service for your trucks is critical to success.

Equipment problems are relatively easy to deal with in the short run, but the longer you let them fester, the more they will cost you in safety, efficiency and consistency. The Automotive Authority offers quick, reliable solutions for delivery vehicles large and small. Located in Troy, Michigan, we provide businesses throughout the Metro Detroit area with the skills and parts they need to succeed

The Automotive Authority has extensive experience with fleet maintenance services.

We provide repairs for a wide range of different vehicle components, including brakes, transmission systems, engines, air conditioners and heating systems. When fixing these features, we go beyond simply patching up the immediate issue, using computerized diagnostics to uncover the root of the problem. We then shore that problem up, reducing the chance that your trucks will suffer similar equipment issues in the future.

The Automotive Authority team is confident in the quality of our work, and guarantees any repairs or upgrades we make for a period of two years. 

We also place a warranty of one year on the parts and components we use, which we make sure are of the highest quality. You can put your fleet back on the road without worry, secure in the knowledge that if future issues do arise, the repairs necessary to deal with them will be covered.

play_arrow Being proactive about getting the fleet services you need is imperative.  

Many logistics companies treat fleet maintenance reactively, only ordering it after they suffer a serious equipment issue. A reactive mindset, however, prevents you from finding equipment problems before they undermine your trucks. It is far better to order these services proactively, having your trucks inspected, upgraded and repaired before any obvious issues arise. This proactive mindset has a myriad of benefits for your company, including:

  • Enhancing Efficiency - The better you are at obtaining regular maintenance for your trucks, the easier it will be to catch and correct minor equipment problems that reduce the efficiency of your vehicles. Improved efficiency means you will not have to use as much fuel on each delivery. Not only does this lower your gas bill, but it also improves the environmental footprint of your company.
  • Ensuring Safety - Besides improving fuel efficiency, proactive repairs also make your vehicle less likely to be involved in a crash or suffer severe equipment failures. This keeps your drivers safer and improves their job satisfaction. It also reduces the risk of damage to the goods you are transporting, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in lost inventory.
  • Reducing Replacements - By proactively maintaining your trucks, you reduce the risk that an equipment problem will get out of hand and eventually compromise the vehicles. This will save you from the financial and environmental cost of replacing them.

For more information on quality fleet services from an experienced local mechanic team, contact the Automotive Authority today.

star star star star star Diana M.*
Troy, MI
Automotive Authority is fantastic!
This is the only shop I go to for repairs. The service and quality of work is phenomenal... And they warranty their work. They almost always have an appointment available when I need one and if they don't have the exact time I want, they do everything they can to get me in according to MY schedule. I drop my car off in the morning on my way to work, Tim (the owner) drives me to work himself and they pick me up when the job is done. I've been taking my car here since they first opened and I highly recommend them to everyone.
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