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Brake Repairs, Engine Maintenance and More in Troy, Michigan

Auto Repair & Brake Service in Troy, MI | Automotive Authority - brake-repairWhen it comes to automotive safety, few factors matter more than mechanical maintenance.

The better you take care of your car's steering, electrical, suspension, transmission and power systems, the less likely you are to crash or suffer dangerous equipment failure. The Automotive Authority is an auto repair shop that keeps all these systems in premium condition. Operating out of Troy, Michigan, we provide service for mufflers, engines, exhaust systems, air conditioning, heating equipment and countless other components. With our automotive repairs, your vehicle will run smoothly and safely for the long haul.

Our comprehensive car repairs and maintenance ensures your safety on the road.

As a local auto mechanic that has served Metro Detroit since 2009, the Automotive Authority has a personal stake in road safety. We spare no effort or expense to repair existing equipment problems in your vehicle and strive to prevent future issues from arising. When you report a mechanical issue, we begin by figuring out the source of the problem in detail, taking advantage of the latest computerized diagnostic methods to ensure accuracy. Once we know the root cause, we address it comprehensively, going beyond immediate fixes to ensure enduring efficiency and safety. We use only the best parts for replacements and upgrades, further enhancing automotive efficiency while reducing the chance of any warranty issues.

play_arrow We employ a variety of ways to make sure that we fit into your schedule and budget, not the other way around. 

As skilled as the Automotive Authority team is at fixing engines and transmissions, we can’t do any good unless you come to us with your car and report a problem. We make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to work with us. No matter the nature of your automotive woes, you can count on us to provide:

  • Payment Flexibility - The Automotive Authority accepts all major forms of automotive insurance, as well as most aftermarket warranties. This makes it easy for you to finance our repairs and upgrades, ensuring that vehicle efficiency and safety are never out of your price range.
  • Repairs Within Reach - The Automotive Authority’s location is convenient for a commuter to Troy and other parts of the Metro Detroit area. You should have no trouble getting to our shop whenever you need repairs, inspections or upgrades. To further enhance this convenience, we provide business shuttle transportation in Troy while your car is being repaired, and can even pick up and return your car to you.
  • Full Transparency - The Automotive Authority is committed to honesty and openness in all that we do. Not only do we offer precise price estimates, but we also strive for accuracy in projected service times, as well as in the promises we make about how we can enhance your car. We never leave you in the dark about your vehicle or our work.
  • Generous Warranties - The majority of our repairs are covered by two-year warranties, while new parts are guaranteed for one year. This gives us an incentive to get our work done right the first time while providing you with peace of mind about your vehicle.

Don’t take a chance on automotive safety. For more information or to schedule repairs, contact the Automotive Authority today.

star star star star star Diana M.*
Troy, MI
Automotive Authority is fantastic!
This is the only shop I go to for repairs. The service and quality of work is phenomenal... And they warranty their work. They almost always have an appointment available when I need one and if they don't have the exact time I want, they do everything they can to get me in according to MY schedule. I drop my car off in the morning on my way to work, Tim (the owner) drives me to work himself and they pick me up when the job is done. I've been taking my car here since they first opened and I highly recommend them to everyone.
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