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When it comes to operating a fleet of commercial trucks and vans, few tasks are more difficult than automotive maintenance. No matter how large your fleet is or how many different types of vehicles you use, you're likely to need a wide variety of different repairs and upgrades on a regular basis. Coordinating these services is no easy task, especially since you often have little to no notice before you need one. At the Automotive Authority, we make it much easier to service your fleet. We provide both preventative and restorative solutions from our Troy office, and allow businesses across Southeast Michigan to keep their vans and trucks in the best condition at all times.

Fleet Services In SE Michigan

The Automotive Authority offers a broad fleet service selection, which includes:


Our team will study each of your vehicles in detail and identify even the subtlest signs of broken or obsolete equipment. Scheduling such inspections regularly is the best way to catch problems before they get out of hand and resolve them proactively. We also encourage you to have your vehicles inspected if you notice they aren't working well but can't pinpoint a problem. We can identify exactly what is causing the issue and resolve it in its entirety.


The Automotive Authority team offers repairs for brakes, engines, HVAC systems, and countless other key parts of your vehicle. We strive to address the root cause of the problem, minimizing the chance that your fleet will have similar issues in the future.


We enhance your vehicles with the latest in automotive technology. This allows us to improve the safety, fuel economy, and performance of even the oldest fleets.

In performing these and other fleet services, the Automotive Authority strives to work quickly but effectively. We get your trucks back on the road as soon as possible, minimizing the cost of automotive problems and allowing you to keep doing business smoothly.

The Benefits of Regular Service for Your Fleet

All businesses know the basic benefits of having fast, efficient, and safe vehicles, but few understand the full impact that such vehicles can have. Maintaining your fleet properly allows you to achieve:

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  • Savings & Sustainability- Maintenance and upgrades improve the fuel economy of your trucks. This reduces both the money you have to spend on gas and the amount of pollution that those trucks emit.
  • Consistent Safety- Through regular repairs to your brakes, engines, and auto glass, you minimize the potential for accidents on the road. This keeps your staff, your inventory, and other drivers safe and lowers the potential for liabilities.
  • Faster Service- The better the condition of your fleet, the faster they will be able to make deliveries. This improves efficiency within your organization and gives clients more incentive to purchase from you.
  • Improved Reputation- Raising safety and sustainability improves public perceptions of your company. Not only will this make clients more willing to buy from you, but it also helps you to attract quality employees.

Keeping Clients Satisfied is Our Speciality

Our customers are our main priority here at the Automotive Authority. We appreciate their opinions on our services, take a look at what some of them have to say.

Great people here! Honest and fair. Alyssa*

I have been taking my cars to Tim and his crew since 1993 (previous business owners). They have always taken excellent care of my vehicles. I get prompt service, a fair market price for the parts and labor, and they always take that little extra step that makes it a pleasure to work with them. On occasion, when needed, they go the extra mile as well. Erik*

This place is run by super honest people and incredibly skilled mechanics. This is the first and only place to bring your car if it needs to be fixed or just tuned up. Ian*

To learn more about fleet services from the Automotive Authority, make sure to contact us today.
star star star star star Diana M.*
Troy, MI
Automotive Authority is fantastic!
This is the only shop I go to for repairs. The service and quality of work is phenomenal... And they warranty their work. They almost always have an appointment available when I need one and if they don't have the exact time I want, they do everything they can to get me in according to MY schedule. I drop my car off in the morning on my way to work, Tim (the owner) drives me to work himself and they pick me up when the job is done. I've been taking my car here since they first opened and I highly recommend them to everyone.
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