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From getting you to work to bringing your kids to school to carrying the entire family on vacations, your car has no shortage of responsibilities. Fulfilling these responsibilities is only possible if you keep the vehicle in good condition, which means repairing and upgrading it at the first sign of a problem. Located in Troy, the Automotive Authority offers comprehensive automotive repairs and tune up service solutions for drivers throughout the Metro Detroit area. Our goal is to keep your car in premium condition for the long haul, allowing you to drive safely, swiftly, and sustainably.

The Automotive Authority Offers The Most Effective Brake Repairs In SE Michigan

With two decades of experience in the Metro Detroit area, the Automotive Authority has provided truck and car repairs for a wide variety of problems. Our services include:

  • Break Repairs- Arguably the single most important type of vehicle maintenance, brake repairs ensure that you are able to stop at a moment's notice. This is critical for keeping you and your family safe when traveling at high speeds or on wet or icy roads. Our brake repair team can identify even the subtlest problems with your brakes and shore them up before they put your vehicle in danger.
  • Engine Solutions- Your engine offers power for the entire vehicle, so the better you are at taking care of it, the better your car will perform in any environment. Our team repairs engine problems both large and small. Even if you haven't noticed any problems, we can perform an inspection to detect and address performance issues in their earliest stages. By repairing engine problems early and upgrading your powertrain with advanced equipment, we reduce fuel consumption, improve safety, and ensure that you can start your car in even the most difficult conditions.
  • HVAC Improvements- Don't overlook the importance of quality climate control and ventilation for your vehicle. Not only does your HVAC system keep you comfortable while driving, but it is also a major consumer of energy, meaning if it isn't in good condition, it can harm your battery. We keep your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation equipment working effectively and efficiently at all times.
  • Other Options- The Automotive Authority offers exhaust system repairs, battery inspections and replacements, and countless other services to keep your car running smoothly.

The earlier you address problems with your car, the easier it is to shore them up. The Automotive Authority is always available to inspect your vehicle and restore it to full working order.

Experienced Car Repairs in the Rochester Area

Brake Repairs Rochester MI | The Automotive Authority - carrepair6

The Automotive Authority is committed to a high standard of professionalism for all our customers. When you entrust us with your car, we make sure to service it quickly without cutting any corners. We also offer fully transparent pricing, along with generous warranties that cover our repairs for two years and new parts we install for one years. Combined with our courteous, respectful behavior, we provide every client with a positive, convenient experience.

The Automotive Authority is built on safety. We ensure our customers a quality solution to their problems and strive to stop any future issues from coming up that could be costly down the road. When you first report your mechanical issue with us we are able to figure out what the problem is in full detail with state-of-the-art technology by our computerized diagnostic methods and once we know that exactly that is we are then able to immediately fix the issues a safe and effective way.

Keeping Customers Happy with Brake Repairs Services

We value our customers opinions and give them the ability to tell us how our services were. We strive to go the extra mile with our customers. Here are some of their kind words and if you need Brake Repairs don't hesitate to get ahold of us.

Today was my 4th visit to Automotive Authority. I am absolutely thrilled that they did not try to sell me something that I didn't need. They saved me over $1,000 that someone else would have charged me for. Straightforward, upfront pricing and yes, they tell the truth. This is the only place I will go now for major and minor service. My car is 12 years old and has 180k on it and they keep it going. Thanks! Deacon Tom*

Very helpful group. I always go here for Oil Changes and the service is good. I have also done repairs with Automotive Authority as well and the prices are fair. The staff will work with you to help prioritize fixes. Nick*

Great Place, very nice to work with and very trustworthy. I took my car somewhere else and they wanted to replace the Trans fluid and Automotive Authority said it was just fine. Angela*

Don't take a chance on performance or safety. For more information on the Automotive Authority or to schedule service for your vehicle, visit our website today.
star star star star star Diana M.*
Troy, MI
Automotive Authority is fantastic!
This is the only shop I go to for repairs. The service and quality of work is phenomenal... And they warranty their work. They almost always have an appointment available when I need one and if they don't have the exact time I want, they do everything they can to get me in according to MY schedule. I drop my car off in the morning on my way to work, Tim (the owner) drives me to work himself and they pick me up when the job is done. I've been taking my car here since they first opened and I highly recommend them to everyone.
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