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When you experience a mechanical problem, the internet advises you with a great deal of auto shop choices. What that internet doesn’t tell you is that the Automotive Authority represents your best choice. Our technicians are certified by the State of Michigan and the ASE, even our service writers are ASE certified! Like the other shops, we’d love to have your business.

Unlike the other shops, we prioritize earning your business, time after time, offering customer support services which go beyond mere repair. 

We also prioritize earning your trust. The Automotive Authority philosophy is very simple, and it defines the way we work: “selling no more than what needs to be sold and consult the customer every step of the way.” Nearly everybody has experienced a personal “horror story” involving car/truck repair, but at the Automotive Authority, we don’t take advantage of those painful situations. Instead, we make every effort to get you through them with a maximum of understanding and a minimum out-of-pocket expense. 

play_arrow Do you need:

  • A ride back home while your repair takes place?
  • Help in making sense of vehicle recall implications?
  • Expertise with after-market improvements?
  • A tow for your sick vehicle?

We’re here to solve your auto problems and provide an affordable solution! We’re located in Troy on the east side of Rochester Road, just south of Wattles. Our extensive hours of operation are designed to provide maximum availability to respond to any of your vehicle’s needs.

Tim Anderson has been running the day-to-day operations of the Automotive Authority since 1997.

He’s driven by a strong belief in helping others and a passion for knowing what makes cars go. Tim’s 20+ years of experience in the field began at the age of eight when he removed his first cylinder head! Anderson’s philosophy is simple: “I’m never going to ‘overmedicate’ your vehicle.” He’s proud to offer many great helpful second opinions to customers trying to understand their vehicles’ issues, even when it hasn’t resulted in business.  

We’re everything an auto shop ought to be! Contact us today to schedule service. 

star star star star star Diana M.*
Troy, MI
Automotive Authority is fantastic!
This is the only shop I go to for repairs. The service and quality of work is phenomenal... And they warranty their work. They almost always have an appointment available when I need one and if they don't have the exact time I want, they do everything they can to get me in according to MY schedule. I drop my car off in the morning on my way to work, Tim (the owner) drives me to work himself and they pick me up when the job is done. I've been taking my car here since they first opened and I highly recommend them to everyone.
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